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Quiethouse is a comfortable place to record.

Analog and Digital Hybrid Recording

Tubes and Tape | Dirt and Distortion

Close to the city but out in the woods

We also do podcasts, audio for film, and commercials!

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What We Are

Quiethouse is a private residential recording studio located 20 minutes from Boston, MA. Access to commuter rail and ride services are available. In a relaxed environment we offer a nicely equipped studio for your project.

We have a bunch of analog gear, a console, tubes and transformers, ProTools and Ableton Live, lots of amazing plugins, high end monitoring, and a ton of tea and coffee - in a room designed by Lou Clark of Sonic-Space.

We want to make the process of making a recording easy, inspiring, and a lot of fun. Your satisfaction is our highest priority.

>> Lost Dog - Precious Stuff Sessions 2018 <<

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What They Say

“Dereck has now done two separate projects for my band. The first involved a track we recorded elsewhere that needed a little bit of TLC to get it up to snuff and Dereck was up to the job, he was able to take our stems and mix it to our complete satisfaction and then mastered it to boot. Since we were so happy with our this turned out we decided to go to Quiethouse for recording our next album which has been an absolute joy to record there. - Alex Miller

When I met Dereck his passion for achieving the right sound was apparent right from the start. We had discussed working together in the future and as time went on finally executed not one but TWO projects the first of which needed help and the second of which was a new album from the ground up, we recorded drums at another facility and brought them into his studio to see to the projects end. We are incredibly excited with how both projects came out and we recommend the hard work and dedication Dereck will surely bring to your next project. Highly recommended, professional recordings done the right way. -

Evan Lord

- Idle Pilot (>> Animals and People <<)”



Dereck Blackburn

I am a freelance audio professional (producer / engineer / mixer) based in Boston, MA. I’m also a musician, I play whatever people need me to in the studio.

I am a producer and engineer well versed in recording, mixing, and mastering. I've worked with award-winning artists and engineers around the world and I want to share my experience and knowledge with you. I believe very deeply in the power of music as one of our most precious and immediate art forms. Lets make great records together!

I'm borderline obsessed with converting sound into music. Anything from actual noise from modular synths to arrangements for string ensembles. I only operate in what it possible. My fuel is new ideas. I understand the difference and the why behind pushing things forward and pulling them back in the mix. The music industry is full of incredibly talented people but very few of them are as fun to work with as I am! Okay, there might be A FEW…

We can do things by the book: embracing traditional methods, conforming to industry standards, executing our production with precision and finesse. But we can also be bold and radical. We can experiment and push ourselves as artists and musicians. We can do all of this with focus and care and collaboration.

Recent Projects….