Mojave 201fet vs. Microphone Parts RK-47


Where do the similarities begin and end?

I love a good large diaphragm condenser. I haven't made up my mind which of the ones I own is my favorite yet but these two come very close. If you're wondering why its not a Neumann or other expensive condenser - its because I personally value utilitarian tools over vintage tools mostly due to reliability. One of these condensers I made myself and the Mojave is one of the most solidly built microphones I've ever handled. 

But what about the SOUND? These microphones have similar capsules, similar circuits, and even similar headbaskets. Is that where the similarities end? Lets find out. 


TEST RESULTS: 8 responders

2 think Mic 1 is the RK-47 and Mic 2 is the 201fet.

2 think Mic 1 is the 201fet and Mic 2 is the RK-47

4 believe they cannot tell the difference. 

MIC 1 is the 201fet

MIC 2 is the RK-47

I did a few A/B/Y tests over a week and I also could not find a true sonic difference. The Mojave 201fet is definitely much higher in overall build quality but the RK-47 is an incredible value as a kit.