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Quiethouse is a private studio located just outside of Boston.

We have a professionally designed room

and an experienced engineer.

Oh, theres a lot of wonderful gear to use too. 

Quiethouse is a comfortable place to record. 

 The Control Room

The Control Room


Quiethouse is part of a new recording studio paradigm.

We are located in a very special modern residence, where the entire house is available to capture your sound. Our focus is high quality front end recording and monitoring, supported by a great collection of microphones and an engineer who has dedicated his life to the art of recording and mixing audio. We can accommodate a range of clientele from full bands, string ensembles, to singer-songwriters or recordings for audiobooks and podcasts. Our room was masterfully designed and constructed by Lou Clark. 


Dereck Blackburn

Audio Engineer

AES Executive Committee

Audio Builders Workshop

Music Expo Boston 2017 : Speaker

MWTM Albini '14

Runs on Coffee

Drums and Guitar

Ableton Live



Dereck Blackburn (thats me) has been a musician and recording engineer since the early 90s. My fascination with audio began with a dual cassette deck for super lo-fi recordings in high school to a 4-track cassette recorder and 4 beat-up SM57s I would use to record hardcore shows in my home town, to a truly hybrid analog/digital studio that I am fortunate to provide to you today. I've written and produced songs for film and TV (The World Underground, Human, Gravity Falls) and I have had a great time recording and mixing artists who are truly dedicated to their craft: Windmills, Imogen Heap, Carsick Cars, Husbands, and Twin Sister to name a few. 

I have spent the last 7 years focused on recording and learning from the best engineers in the music industry. I've participated in Mix With The Masters sessions with Steve Albini, Andrew Scheps, and Sylvia Massey. I am also a member of the Audio Engineering Society and Audio Builders Workshop. Making records is my absolute passion - but I am here to serve you and your artistic vision. I am always open to any conversation about the creative process. 

“The building of the studio is a heavy responsibility, like creating a child. For me, the Recording Studio is a holy place. A studio is never turned off; perpetually powered up, it has a window on immortality. It is a galaxy of electronic variables and carbon-based elements flying in formation: integrated circuits, relays, transformers, motors, tape, capstans, coils, knobs, sliders, exotic materials, wood and glass, all in the service of music. It is the bridge of our own music making starship, which it resembles to a remarkable degree.
The studio controls us as much as we believe we control it. It is a living, breathing organism with a metabolism that is ever-changing, acoustically, electronically, physiologically. It can be a beast, benign or treacherous. It has a pulse, a voice, an opinion and a soul. Certainly, from the first moment it is switched on, a studio generates ghosts. It gets sick, tired, it makes funny noises trying to tell us what is wrong. It cries for a kind word or a gentle hand laid on its ailing insides. We nurse each other back to health and service.”
— -Jac Holzman, "Follow the Music"