1,500 square ft of amazing space to capture sound. We have the microphones, conversion, monitoring, and selection of preamps to execute the action or process of recording sound or a performance for subsequent reproduction or broadcast.


Analog and digital hybrid mixing in a world class room designed by Lou Clark from Sonic-Space. Our engineer has been mixing records for over 15 years and has dedicated his life to the art of mixing audio.


Mastering services available for your project! All analog signal path, high quality conversion, and quality monitoring ensure we are only using the best for your audio. Mastering for iTunes available.  

High Quality Front End

BLA UA Apollo Quad / Lavry Blue / Audient 880 / API, Neve, GKL Preamps.

Plenty of Room to Record

650 sq ft control and tracking room. 1,500 sq ft home wired for recording direct to DAW.