We specialize in Tracking, Mixing, and Mastering all audio.

Quiethouse is a comfortable place to record.

Our studio, designed by Acoustician Lou Clark of Sonic Space - is a place on par with many larger studios in the region. We are located in a very special modern residence, where the entire house is available to capture your sound. Our focus is high quality front end recording and monitoring, supported by a great collection of microphones and an engineer who has dedicated his life to the art of recording and mixing audio. We can accommodate a range of clientele from full bands, string ensembles, and singer-songwriters to recordings for audiobooks and podcasts.

Dereck Blackburn (thats me) has been a musician and recording engineer since the early 90s. My fascination with audio began with a dual cassette deck for super lo-fi recordings in high school to a 4-track cassette recorder and 4 beat-up SM57s I would use to record hardcore shows in my home town, to a truly hybrid analog/digital studio that I am fortunate to provide to you today. I've written and produced songs for film and TV (The World Underground, Human, Gravity Falls) and I have had a great time recording and mixing artists who are truly dedicated to their craft: Windmills, Imogen Heap, Carsick Cars, Husbands, and Twin Sister to name a few. 

I am laser focused on learning as much as I can about the process of producing and recording arts. I have spent the last 7 years focused on recording and learning from the best engineers in the music industry. I've participated in Mix With The Masters sessions with Steve Albini, Andrew Scheps, and Sylvia Massey. I am an overactive member of the Audio Engineering Society and Audio Builders Workshop. Making records is incredible fun to me - but I am here to serve you and your artistic vision. I am always open to any conversation about the creative process. 

The Control Room

The Control Room

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Dereck Blackburn

Audio Engineer

AES Executive Committee

Audio Builders Workshop

Music Expo Boston 2017 : Speaker

MWTM Albini '14

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